C-Pad│Turns breastfeeding into enjoyable and comfortable experience

C-Pad turns breastfeeding into enjoyable and comfortable experience

Some postpartum moms experience engorged breasts or clogged milk ducts. While massaging their breasts before feed, many nursing moms use moist hot towels or bottles with warm water to ease discomfort. They end up finding it extremely difficult to handle the feeding process with only two hands. To solve the problem, C-pad is designed to provide nursing moms with heat therapy while allowing them to gently massage their breasts. In addition to offering instant relief, C-pad can also stimulate milk production and can be used while babies are feeding.

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C-pad has several design features

  1. Special C shape patented design and heating technology.
  2. Design and made in Taiwan.
  3. Patented cabric CFRP technology, release Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heat can penetrate deep into the skin.
  4. Thin, soft and flexible, provides heat therapy at same time massaging the breasts.
  5. Large area extending to the armpit area, covering most massage area.
  6. Easy and safe with 3 thermostat settings.

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C-pad helps burn more calories

Breastfeeding burns calories, and with the help of C-pad, nursing moms can trim fat much faster so to squeeze in their pre-pregnancy skinny jeans. Even after they no longer feed, C-pads can be used to relieve muscle strain or menstrual pain.

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C-pad is safe, comfortable and efficient, especially for working moms

With 3 thermostat settings C-pad is safe and comfortable, nursing moms no longer have to worry about feeding in cold winter weather or in air-conditioned room.
Wearing a bra with detachable straps, working moms can tuck in C-pad to apply heat therapy, massage their breasts and pump milk at the same time. It’s both user-friendly and trouble-saving.

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Benefits of breastfeeding

(Photo Credit:Adrian Dreßler CC BY 2.0)

Breastfeeding benefits for baby:
1. Contributes to children’s nutrition
2. Contributes to children’s health
3. Contributes to children’s intellectual development
4. Contributes to children’s mental and social development

Breastfeeding benefits for mother:
1. Delays the return of fertility
2. Protects against osteoporosis
3. Reduces the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer
4. Reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis
5. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
6. Lose weight easier and quicker