WORKaholic Desktop Pillow│Relax & Comfortable rest in the office

sleep book

WORKaholic Pillow is specifically designed for the office employees and students, who normally take a rest or nap during work or study. It is designed to use on the office table and can be stored away without occupied too much space.


1.Easy to use and comfortable

sleep book 2

Patented Ergonomic shape design, gives excellent support to the head, neck, elbow and arm. It is extremely comfortable for a good rest or nap on the desk and suitable for all different sleeping positions. This specific ergonomic shape is created from a custom-made CNC machines, designed specific to insure the ergonomic shape is cut perfectly every time.


2.Easy storage

 sleep book 4

The size and appearance are exactly the same as a normal office folder, it can be easily placed on the desktop (as a book or a folder), stored in an office drawer, on a bookshelf or a file cabinet. It will not waste any desktop space, and can keep it neat and clean.


3.Easy clean

sleep book

sleep book 5

The soft fabric is extremely comfortable and will not imprint red marks on the face after a good rest. The pillow cover also contains 3M SCOTCHGARD, give end-user a clean and dry surface. With 3M SCOTCHGARD any stains or spots can be easily washed off and instant dry.


4.Simple & Trendy appearance


Classic elegant note book or file folder's outlook.

★Taiwan (Design patent: D113716 and Invention patent:094143072)
★Japan (Utility patent:3127737)
★China (Utility patent:200620059892.3)
‧Material –
Pillow:PU foam (BAYER's Polyurethane)
Pillow cover:Bird’ eye fabric with 3M SCOTCHGARD water diffusion and wicking properties
Folder cover:PVC leather

‧Size –
Closed:36 × 27.5 × 9cm
Open:36 × 55 × 4.5cmSize

‧Colors – Baby blue and soft pink