C-Pad Breast Feeding Heating Pad with 3 thermostat settings

Design & Made in Taiwan 。Safe 。Easy 。Comfort


WORKaholic Desktop Pillow

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Baby WORKaholic Desktop Pillow

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Upillow 悠遊枕│多功能護頸枕

Upillow Multi-function Neck Pillow

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Upillow Multi-function Neck Pillow│Travel helper

(請提供一段 Upillow 的英文文案,以及下方文章中文部分之翻譯)Napping after a midday meal is refreshing and provides an energy boost for the second half of the day. Taking a “power nap” helps to clear the mind and boost everything from alertness and memory to creativity and productivity.專利人體工學造型,特別設計卡槽可將Upillow悠遊枕固定於汽車頭枕調整桿上。 符合人體工學曲線造型,可完全貼合於使用者之肩部上,提供頸部的支撐與舒適的保護,防止肩頸酸痛。 枕心特別設計透氣孔,對流通氣孔提供良好的支撐性及更加彈性又透氣。 Specification ‧材 質:表布 – 100% Polyester / 聚酯纖維 (3M吸濕排汗鳥眼布) ‧內容物:PU Foam / […]

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